We are the only KTM endorsed tour operator in Cairns. 

Our guided tours are all about YOU, not US.  

Specialising in enduro tours and giving you our awesome KTM bikes to ride on the trails and tours.  Our friendly experienced and first-aid trained local guides are thoroughbred enduro men that are more than capable in any given tour and trail situation.

You will ride a KTM EXC 500 on our Cape York rides.

These bikes are fun and powerful to ride, yet still also very user friendly for the inexperienced rider.

All you need valid Motorcycle Licence or Learners Permit and a desire for adventure.  We will need to sight and scan a copy of license's before riding.

 At minimum you must wear an approved helmet, motorcycle boots, knee guards, protective chest armour, gloves and goggles. 

You've got to stay hydrated up here so you must carry a hydration back-pack, we recommend a 3L water bladder.

Sure, we can provide full gear if needed. We recommend you bring your own gear for comfort, where possible.  We CANNOT supply hydration bladders, socks, goggles or gloves for hire use due to health regulations, however we have some available for purchase.

All you would need to pay for whilst on our tours is any alcoholic beveridges if desired, soft drinks and any gifts or souvenirs you may want to purchase along the way.  We will keep you well fed & watered and our bikes fuelled and maintained.

Yes of course, the actual ride price is cheaper that way, only $5490-. But, the conditions are: Your bike must have a long range fuel tank (300km), have new tyres and HD tubes fitted, new bearings and brake pads installed, be in good condition and road registered. You will be responsible for organising transportation of your bike to Cairns from your home state and then back to your home again after the trip.  You are also required to supply your own fluids, air-filters (changes/cleaning), spare parts, spare tyres, spare HD tubes and also performing any servicing or maintenance along the way.  Is it worth the hassle? That's upto you. While all the other riders are cracking cold ones or going off for a swim and our guides are busy working doing maintenance and checks on our bikes, you'll be busy working on your bike- doing any repairs or maintenance required and possibly wondering why you did'nt just ride one of ours!

We are all first-aid trained and always have a first-aid kit on hand as well as an EPIRB and satellite phone to call for airwing rescue, should the worst happen.  Should you injure yourself that you are unable to continue riding, that will be the end of your tour.  We strongly recommend you take out personal travel/accident insurance that covers you for ALL travel and ALL ACTIVITIES INCLUDING MOTORCYCLING.

Try and find a replacement and tell us asap. On our multiple day rides, if cancelled less than 30 days before your tour date no refunds will be issued, this is to cover our pre-booked flights, accommodation and other expenses.  On any other booked tour you will lose your deposit, we will try and reschedule a date to suit both parties.

We strongly recommend taking out travel insurance at time of booking.

Yes, we ask for an $1800- bond on each rental which is returned if no damage occurs.  We will deduct from the bond the cost to replace broken parts, we only want to cover any loss or damages and breakages to our bike/parts/accessories or riding gear. You would only have to cover the cost of fixing/replacing any parts/panels that you would have to replace on our bikes the same as if you had broken something on your own bike. 

Our crew will almost always get a bike going again.  If not, we will try and replace that bike so you can finish the ride.  If this is not possible and there was no user error in a un-repairable breakdown, we may credit you another ride of equal value.

Absolutely, we can cater a ride for all abilities. Let us know your riding history if any or none (be honest, it’s all good) we can work with you to get you out having fun with us.  You need to be confident in traffic situations and willing to have a go and challenge yourself. 

Our rides are NOT a race or a rally.  They are a guided adventure tour through our beautiful and scenic country, take your time and enjoy the ever changing sights and smells. The group is only as fast as the slowest rider, and there is no shame being the slowest rider.  We want to ensure that everyone makes it to the final day with a smile on your face, regardless of pace.

 Our lead and sweep riders will learn your capabilities rather quickly on the fly and choose the best tracks for you or your group. It’s important and helpful to be totally honest about your skill and experience level in the paperwork we will have you fill out.

Yeah, no worries. Be sure to let us know and we will inform our accommodation and food venues. Most food places cater to these requirements anyway.

We don’t like to say no to moto riding, so, if you have any kind of medical condition you must bring a medical certificate from a GP advising of your condition and his/her tick of approval for the activity of dirt bike riding.  The certificate must be valid for the duration of your tour.

In some places yes, in some places no. We cannot guarantee your phone reception. We carry a satellite phone for safety.

We choose to stay at Pub/Hotel/Guesthouse/Backpacker venues when we use provided accommodation. These are always comfortable, friendly and provide great meals and have a bar onsite.

On our Cape York tours you will be required to bring a summer sleeping bag (and a pillow if you desire it), we will provide the rest.  


Not very much, a detailed letter of itinerary and luggage will be sent to you with all the information upon your completed booking.

NO alcohol is included on any tour, although it can be purchased as we eat and stay at licensed venues.

As with all vehicle hire agreements we require a bond before any riding. We require a pre-authorisation hold of $1800.00 on your credit card/cash is also ok. The bond will then be returned upon satisfactory condition of the bike and or gear.